A little about our farm.

It’s  time for an update on the happenings on the farm and for you to learn more about us…The Marsh Family consists of David and Cheri Marsh and their children—now all grown, but in no way away from our hearts.  Our children are all  married and living all over the US and the world—really!  The Lord has blessed us with 10 grandchildren—in Scripture it speaks of the “children’s children” and all of you in that position know it to be true!  Presently David works out of our home on “financial stuff” and together we live on 11 acres of prairie grassland in Marion County, Kansas!   The wind does blow here and, yes, we pray for gentle, weekly rain showers for the 400+ seedlings that we have planted and replanted…!  

We currently have one bay horse, MiloE.Horse, a farm dog,  barn cats, and since 2006 have enjoyed our first Newfoundland dogs:  Lance and Amazing Grace.  They are now retired.  Please see our "dog" page for our current adults and their quality pedigrees.  They have reign of our acreage and enjoy swimming in the pond.  on hot summer days!  We keep expanding their grassy area so they can run/play or just hang out with us!  We are fortunate to be able to raise all black, Irish-Spotted and Landseer puppies given the mix of our adult dogs.

 Glory came to us as a 12 week old beauty. Glory’s pedigree has some champions listed which include landseer and brown traits.  Her puppies have more white — white on their backs, lots of white tummies, and some white on their faces, AND the tip on their tails!  She has all-black newfies too—all are Precious!!    She is our matriarch of our breeding stock. She is joined by your youngest mother "Mayim" (Cinco De Mayo)

The name for our home, Precious Thoughts, came to us several “moves” ago, becoming aware that It is not our thoughts, but God’s thoughts we want to align with—from Psalm 139.  Our moves have always been made with the thought of living in the country and now for 7 years we have been-- along with a fun “family hobby” of raising Newfoundlands and loving it!   Thanks for visiting our website and we look forward to meeting you soon.            

--David and Cheri